The official name of the company is Thruwind Innovative Technologies for Renewable Energy Sources Single Member P.C.

Thruwind is a technology startup company that is headquartered in downtown Corinth. The company engages in the development of an advanced small wind turbine. Our technological start-up company strives to create innovation in the small wind turbine sector via research and technology development that draws upon the secured Intellectual Property rights of the company.

Thruwind aims to offer solutions on sustainable development, reduction of carbon footprint and to contribute to knowledge creation and diffusion.

Thruwind technologies aim to capture more energy, efficiently and safely because of the special design that will offer improved power output among other benefits.

Vasileios Ioannitis, a Johns Hopkins Global MBA graduate with specialization in Energy & Environment and an experienced Renewable Energy entrepreneur, is a member of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and founder and director of Thruwind.